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Not only the practicality, but also the design was stuck.

・Compatible with fire, microwave ovens and oven. ・Bake, Fry, boil, cook, steaming, boil, various kinds of cooking can be, and the width of the dish spreads. ・Strong thermal shock, has passed 350 °c (JIS standard) thermal shock test. The weight is only about 1000g (with a lid). It is very light unlike metal and pot. Thermal insulation power. After the fire is stopped, the heat can be cooked in the state of the Gutztz. The penetration of the taste also up. -Not only design practicality, sticking to the design, it can also be used as a tableware. The inside of the pan is rounded and easy to wash.


Utilizing the tradition and technology of Arita ware with a history of 400 years, it was completed by making full use of new technologies and new materials. Special heat-resistant pottery that supports fire, radian heater, range, and oven heat source, and is a unique product.

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SagaArita-machi, Nishimatsuura-gun Shimoyamaya1162-12

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