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The gem one is art of an authentic lacquer work clock in the world "joumasa"

A joumasa pocket watch is the meaning to say "The elegant world is expressed using Joboji lacquer." I drew authentic lacquer work in a dial of a clock and made precision tools and art fused. Making of one dial takes 2-time of 3 months. The quartz system of the movement domestic production was used.


joumasa was made for rehabilitation of domestic lacquer (Joboji lacquer), promotion and handing of an authentic lacquer work technique. Japan where the maker born in Joboji you aren't supposed to lose domestic lacquer in "joumasa" where thinks and doesn't see the kind in the world, there is a mission as the folklore in the future of a personal lacquer work technique [mission]. ※ About 50 points of one point thing lacquer work difference present

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IwateHigashimatsuzono, Morioka-shi.3-Chome, 28th number 8

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