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China cup with a wooden holder with which the function and the design harmonize

A cup holder made of hinoki is set in a china cup of Mino ware. The contrast with the beautiful shade of the hinoki and the cherry bark is being shown. Rate of conduction of heat is low, so even hot tea can keep easily. I'm putting a protective coating again, so it's possible to wash whole.


The thing by which a birch is bark of a wild mountain cherry. It's said to be a first that a technique was handed by Satake Kitaya down to Kakunodate from Ani area in the Akita-ken north in 18 end of a century. If it "is something to which Japan where the cherry tree which is a Japanese tree is used as leather is peculiar", Mr. Yanagi-Muneyoshi who is a herald of modern folk art movement is estimating from international view.

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AkitaSenboku city Higashikatsurakucho, Kakunodate-machi2nd area, 2.

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