Wooden Tea caddy ”Sokawa” - L

Interior Kitchen & dining room

Tea caddy of the leather with plain color which is the deep AME color and bears gloss so that it's used for a long time

The surface of the cylinder, the inside, a lid and the tea caddy of "general leather making" for which cherry bark (bark of a wild cherry tree) was used completely. Excel cherry bark in the air permeability and the expert wetness which keep the moderate humidity, antibacterial, I have it. The shutting tightly is also expensive and most suitable for safekeeping of a delicate tea-leaf by craftsman's polite handwork.


The thing by which a birch is bark of a wild mountain cherry. It's said to be a first that a technique was handed by Satake Kitaya down to Kakunodate from Ani area in the Akita-ken north in 18 end of a century. If it "is something to which Japan where the cherry tree which is a Japanese tree is used as leather is peculiar", Mr. Yanagi-Muneyoshi who is a herald of modern folk art movement is estimating from international view.

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AkitaSenboku city Higashikatsurakucho, Kakunodate-machi2nd area, 2.

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