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When I'll pick, turn, roll and link it, it's fascinating.

The original intellectual training and the rehabilitation toy which made 100 years old the subject from 0 years old. All processes are performed by Japan and the ST standard and a Food Hygiene Law test are also acquired. Dice, a top, building blocks and a block are various, how to play will be done.


An engineer invents it and it's the original toy a child education person has developed at a site. Design in Japan, USA, the EU, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore is acquired. It's authorized by the TASK manufacturing first prize, Good toy authorization in fiscal year 2014, Tokyo-to trial authorization in fiscal year 2015 and WONDER500 in fiscal year 2017 in fiscal year 2012.

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TokyoSugamo, Toshima-ku.3-23-3 house peach and a damson 1402

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