GUTS-MAN Ranger Toe Socks

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You're also using 100 kilometers of strongest five finger socks of the highly functional brand of socks for the SDF personnel for march.

A man of guts is the highly functional brand of socks for the SDF personnel. Super strong five finger socks are developing in the finger socks as the strongest strong strong socks. A calf part is knitted up strongly from a fingertip to a heel, and achieves bite to be tired from depending on suitability arrival pressure of the in-house study. Please use it for a hard foot.


* They're foundation for 90 years and five finger socks five five finger manufacturers of socks in the long-established store where I'm producing finger socks for more than 30 years handle in Nara-ken of production Japanese best of socks. * The strong nylon system splicing yarn is used for the whole socks with new material FARUKOMA (the strength for sports and antibacterial*, deodorization, water pickup and sokuinui fiber) and the marvelous durability is achieved. * Fabric is very thick goods for goods here. The case a general customer is using, shoes, it's necessary to use more than 0.5 cm of large size.

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