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Kawashima ya
Tableware Coffee & Tea Equipment

Paulownia coffee insertion of the craftsman making by hand which maintains the flavor of the coffee. To protect coffee beans from humidity and temperature change, the airtightness is being made highly.

A craftsman of a paulownia chest is homemade and is coffee insertion of the paulownia which is being made. The special quality of the paulownia which absorbs humidity is utilized, and more coffee is protected from humidity by raising the airtightness of the box by craftsman work, gusto and, it smells and I make the flavor continue. The flavor of the coffee will be lost by a change in the temperature and the humidity one after another. It was possible to use the paulownia tree which absorbs humidity and make more gusto of the coffee which tends to degrade continue by the processing which raised the airtightness the chest craftsman. As coffee insertion, it's also most suitable for seasoning insertion of a tea-leaf of black tea and Japanese tea and salt. Even if it's put in the kitchen just as it is, it's fashionable simple production, so please also have as a present.


Kitchen articles using craftsman's work of a Japanese paulownia chest. Demand has developed it as a preservation container of expensive coffee beans by all the countries.

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Kawashima ya

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