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e born from a youthful spirit of Yokohama sending and traditional print technology, please, wipe

e the design the youthful spirit born in Yokohama overflows succeeds to print technology with history in 140, and where it's the feature, please, it's a wipe. When displaying it in your room as the interior, a season in each season can be enjoyed, and it can be colored nicely without getting tired at any time of the year around by rich pattern development. Of course, it's possible to use it as a TE wipe. This pattern is "Hokusai Mini-firewood and billow". Popular 1 which made collaborate on the popular pattern of Hama design "mini-firewood" with Katsushika Hokusai's famous ukiyoe.


The coloring with the vivid color which was dyed by the "print" which is the dyeing by using mold technique of the Yokohama tradition (NA,) is the feature. I was particular about a domestic production from thread to fabric. It's done now using a birthplace of Hama design original "young leaf". The soft texture comes out so that water absorption often uses it.

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