Fuji pair cup (Gold&Silver)

kinshodo Co., Ltd
Tableware Cups, glasses

The cup which drinks Mt. Fuji which symbolizes Japan

Cup of the Mt. Fuji motif popular as a Japanese symbol. The capacity which is Mt. Fuji rendering service surely such as the shape that I lay down and the bottom engraving. A corporation gift and, it's inbound, popular.


I received 8th place of 2nd place of" Nikkei trendy selection", 4th place of" Nikkei WOMAN selection" and" off selection of" Nikkei adult by Nikkei trendy "popular Koshien of work". 2015 year Arita international toujiten Arita ware wholesaler estate cooperative society prize Winning a prize.

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kinshodo Co., Ltd

SagaAkasaka, Arita-machi, Nishimatsuura-gun.Third class 2351-169

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