Sake Container Sai Mangekyomon

T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc.
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Youthful spirit in Kyoto where cold sake is enjoyed

Liquor container for cold sake using the feature of the bend zoom buggy which is excellent in keeping cool and doesn't condense into dew. China-painting of the splendid Kiyomizu styled pottery and a beautiful grain of an Akita cedar create the feeling with the refreshing fragrance of Sugi who moved to liquor, and arouse the user's youthful spirit. It matches a sake bottle, pile MOGO is proposed.


Liquor container set for cold sake together with the sake bottle which is Akita's traditional work "bend zoom buggy" in a lid of the Kiyomizu styled pottery. The gem by which collaboration goods using the feature of Akita and the respective traditional work don't judge the other kinds as Kyoto. You can enjoy a youthful spirit in Kyoto showy china-painting of a grain of an Akita cedar and the Kiyomizu styled pottery interweaves.

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T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc.

Kyoto377 Yamasaki-cho, Yamato-oji, Gojo Agaru,Higashiyama-ku

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