Cast Iron teapot BR L w/porcelain Lid Gold Cherry Flower

T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc.
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I arrange for Kyoto ceramic ware, the Kiyomizu styled pottery and traditional work of a southern iron kettle and different two by a youthful spirit in Kyoto.

"Good of the use harmonizes with traditional beauty, and gorgeousness is added to living by using it." the Kyoto ceramic ware which gave a teapot of a very popular southern iron kettle and byoutsume ornament of the technology and the elaborate cherry tree Kyoto has brought up to a concept all over the world and our original collaboration goods with which a lid of the Kiyomizu styled pottery was combined.


The warmth retaining property and the keeping cool are high, as tea things, as well as, you can also use it as a liquor container. A porcelain enamel process is applied to a teapot, and there is a stainless tea strainer, so it's difficult to rust and it can be cleaned easily. The gem which is also usually appreciated seriously as presents as well as an envoy.

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T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc.

Kyoto377 Yamasaki-cho, Yamato-oji, Gojo Agaru,Higashiyama-ku

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