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In recent years, Japan has been at the forefront of fashion, craftsmanship and technology. While the trend of mass production continues to spread throughout the world, these men’s items beautifully combine handcrafted styles with comfort and quality.

“Native Creation” Leather Accessories by Design Labo

The items from this collection of leather accessories are made using Tochigi Leather. Produced in Tochigi Prefecture, the locally sourced leather is known for being extremely soft and durable.

The smaller keychain holder, from the collection of Native Creation leather accessories, is available in both a brown and blue color scheme. I like that there are two snap buttons on both sides of the keychain holder that make it easy to attach to a wallet chain and also how the vegetable tanned leather ages beautifully as it is used.

The second keychain holder is also available in two colors, black or tan, and is a bit larger than the first. The leather used for this one has a softer texture and features intricate stitchwork, and I like that there is a slit in the back where business cards can be stored.

Native Creation

designlabo & co.
Tokyo1-23-21, Shibuya, Shibuya-kuco-labo Shibuya cast


For people who commute to work or travel frequently, the BLAUDESIGN "City Tourist"backpack perfectly combines style with versatility. The sleek black design features a wide range of functions, including a water repellent material to keep belongings dry, a strap at the bottom where a jacket can be stored, a pocket that is specifically designed to store a laptop and a sunglasses holder along the shoulder strap.

The most interesting aspect of this backpack is the way it can be assembled depending on the purpose for which it will be used. On a recent trip, I used it to bring all of my belongings, including my laptop. Once I arrived at my hotel, I detached the small pocket in the front so I could carry just my valuables without having to lug a big bag throughout the city.

BLAUDESIGN ”City Tourist”

BLAU Design Complex Inc.
TokyoOkusawa, Setagaya-ku.2-9-27 Comfort square 304.

“Sports Sunglasses” by MAGTIC INC

This pair of stylish sunglasses is produced in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, Japan’s most renowned eyeglass-manufacturing district. One of the main features of these sports sunglasses is their ability to block 100 percent of UV rays, blue light and near infrared rays.

With a sleek and smooth black frame design and comfortable fit, the sunglasses are great for sporting activities such as bicycling or running and come in a handy protective case to ensure easy transportation.


FukuiSugimotocho, Sabae-shi.36-2-20

“Polarized Sunglasses with Flip Vertical Reading Glasses” by Asakura Plan Co., Ltd.

These polarized sunglasses are perfect for avid readers like me. What’s unique about them is the small reading glass portion that has been attached to the base of the lens. When wearing them outdoors, the polarized sunglasses can be flipped so that the reading glass lens part is at the top. When reading small text from a computer screen or book, the sunglasses can be flipped vertically to have the reading glass lens part on the bottom. The frame size and design ensures a comfortable fit for any face type, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off while making strenuous movements.


FukuiFuku, Fukui-shi.1-chome, 903rd.

“Guts Man Strong Five Toe Socks, Super Strong Five Toe Socks, Strong Five Toe Socks V and Running Five Toe Socks” by Tatsumi Textile Co., Ltd.

I switched to five toe socks from conventional socks after finding out about all of the benefits they can provide. Compared to regular socks, five toe socks allow your toes to align and splay naturally to reduce friction and sweat buildup.

The “Guts Man Strong Five Toe Socks” are extremely durable yet soft and comfortable. The great elasticity and breathable fabric allows you to move around without any strain on your feet.

The “Super Strong Five Toe Socks” are almost identical in design and size, but the fabric has been reinforced with a special tuck stitching technique. The tight fit of the socks helps prevent fatigue, and the fabric is designed to quickly absorb moisture and eliminate odors.

The “Running Five Toe Socks” are ankle-length and small rubber bumps on the bottom of the socks makes them optimal for running. These little bumps provide extra contact with the inside of your shoes to prevent slipping, and the excellent breathability and absorbency of the fabric will keep your feet dry and comfortable even after a long run.

GUTS-MAN Durable Toe Socks V

NaraTsuchihashicho, Kashihara-shi.607th area

GUTS-MAN Performance Trail Running Toe Socks

NaraTsuchihashicho, Kashihara-shi.607th area

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